July 18, 2024

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Is Working From Home The Future for Businesses?

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Is Working From Home The Future for Businesses?

During the COVID pandemic, businesses had to quickly adapt to stay afloat. One of the ways many businesses continued to thrive and offer their services was by instructing staff to work from home. Although perhaps a novel idea before, this template is now being followed more regularly: with companies actually seeing huge benefits. Although for certain industries and companies working from home is not possible, there are many industries that can allocate work from home days. In some cases, the idea of working from home is entirely possible. So, is working from home the future for businesses that are able to? We answer this and more below.

Why Remote Working Is The Future

In this day and age, the world of business is highly competitive. In order for businesses to thrive, they must constantly evolve. Whether it is the evolution of the workplace or the product, it must happen to stay ahead of the competition. If businesses are struggling, there are, typically, a number of solutions. Companies such as Accuracy can help by examining your business in great depth and interpreting the data to provide actionable solutions. Companies like Accuracy may tell you, amongst other things, that you need to streamline business processes and operations. This brings us on to our first argument for remote working being the future. When your workforce completes their tasks from their homes, the cost savings can be staggering. Just think, that office building you rent that has to be powered constantly is no longer.

And this is just one way that remote working can work in the favour of brands and businesses. The chief benefits of working remotely are as follows:

  • Significant Cost Savings

When businesses use the work from home model, there are significant cost savings which can be made all round. Not only can the company themselves save money in various ways, but employees can make cost savings too. If an employee has to travel a significant distance to their office, this can add up over the course of a year. Whether it is petrol or public transport costs, commuting can be expensive. When you work remotely, this issue is removed. For some workers especially, this can result in staggering savings.

As we already discussed, savings can be made by the company too. You negate the need for an office by implementing a work from home structure. Energy bills, rent and supplies are erased. For a smaller business trying to generate a profit in a competitive market, this can make a substantial difference. In some cases, it can make or break the company.

  • Positive Environmental Contribution

There have been a number of studies that have linked remote working with a reduction in carbon emissions. Although more research is needed on the subject, it is undeniable that the planet stands to benefit from less commuters on the road. Companies are now required to think about their impact on the planet and the environment more carefully. If you can make a positive environmental contribution by working from home, this is positive for not only your company but the rest of us.

  • Happier Workers

Naturally, we are more comfortable at home. Not only this, but when we are working from home we do not face the possibility of being stuck in traffic or long commutes. Remote working, therefore, creates happier and more productive workers in some cases. Of course this style of working is not suited to all which we will explore below. However, those who benefit from remote working will make a more positive contribution to the company. Happy and productive workers are more likely to help a business thrive and succeed.

In addition to this, remote working may provide workers with more time to exercise. The time saved by not commuting could be put into a workout. Working out is likely to stimulate workers: improving their mood and health. In the end, you have a workforce that is happier, healthier, less prone to sickness and more focused. As you can see, working remotely has a number of positive knock-on effects.

So, Is Working From Home The Future?

In some cases, working from home can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on a company and their workforce. This model does not work for every company however. In fact, it does not work for a lot of companies. Think hospitality, retail, the healthcare industry, construction. These are but a few examples of sectors where workers are required to carry out their job in person. Moreover, working from home is not possible or desirable for some people.

In conclusion, the remote working model is the future for some companies (those who operate online). It will all depend on what industry you work in and what your personal preferences are.